How To Make A Fortune Removing Oxidation From Vinyl Siding And Metal Roofs

Hey everyone, in today's video, my buddy Coty is going to share with you the best chemicals for removing oxidation from vinyl siding and roofs. Plus, if you stick around until the end, he'll dive into how much you should be charging to add this valuable service to your business.

If you're eager to watch the complete video where Coty and I discuss the most important chemicals for pressure washing, make sure to check out the second link in the comment section or description.

Now, let's dive right into the content.

The next chemical we're discussing is a recent release that's been making waves in the industry—Ox Knox. This powerful solution is excellent for oxidation cleaning, making it a perfect upsell for pressure washing jobs. Whether it's a green metal roof or vinyl siding with stubborn oxidation, Ox Knox works like magic. Just spray it on, let it dwell, and rinse it off for remarkable results.

Coty shares examples of its effectiveness, including rejuvenating a green metal roof back to its original color and effortlessly removing oxidation from vinyl siding. The beauty of Ox Knox lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, allowing pressure washing professionals to offer restoration services with ease.

Now, let's talk pricing. Coty emphasizes the importance of charging appropriately for oxidation removal services. He highlights examples where homeowners were willing to pay thousands of dollars to repaint their homes, but with Ox Knox, the cost is significantly lower. By charging a fraction of the alternative cost while still ensuring substantial profit margins, pressure washing businesses can offer immense value to their clients.

Coty advises against undervaluing oxidation removal services, stressing that it's a specialty service that warrants premium pricing. Understanding your market and the savings you're providing to homeowners is key to setting fair prices and maximizing profitability.

In conclusion, Ox Knox is a game-changer for pressure washing professionals, offering an efficient solution for oxidation removal with impressive results. By pricing your services appropriately, you can capitalize on this valuable offering and elevate your pressure washing business to new heights.

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