The Easiest Way To Softwash EVER


Hey folks, Cody here from Southeast Softwash, and today, March 21st, we're tackling one of our large commercial projects. We've been waiting for good weather, and today's the day! Let me give you a glimpse of what we're working on.

We're currently at a local high school gymnasium, and the section you're seeing now features classic metal with brick at the bottom. This combination is common for warehouses or metal buildings. Despite significant organic growth, we don't need a strong mix for cleaning the metal surfaces. Typically, we clean these areas at about two percent and then rinse them off.

As we move along the wall, we encounter a different surface—stucco. Stucco requires a higher concentration, around four percent, due to its porous nature. This allows organic matter to cling more stubbornly. Take a look at some shots of the front of the building, especially the stucco side, which was particularly grimy.

In the past, we'd have to walk back to our truck, about 150 feet away, to adjust ratios every time we switched surfaces. But now, with our smart blend 24-volt pump, we can adjust ratios seamlessly from one to six percent without leaving the job site. This efficiency saves time and effort, allowing us to tackle the project faster.

With the ability to switch between soap levels and even revert to water-only mode, we have greater control over our cleaning process. Plus, with two team members and a ball valve on the pressure washer for rinsing, we can double-team the job and finish it more efficiently.

That's a wrap on this update. We're diving back into work, but stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights. See you in the next video!

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