How to Make an Extra $150 on EVERY Pressure Washing Job!💰


Elevating Revenue with Smart Upselling in Pressure Washing

Hello and welcome back to our channel, where we're all about transforming a single truck into a profitable pressure washing business. Today, I'm excited to share a powerful strategy that can potentially add $100 to $150 to every service you offer.

An Unexpected Learning Opportunity

Our day took an interesting turn when we spotted a pressure washing trailer with an ECP certification - a mark of excellence obtained from our 'How to Wash' course. This sighting led to a brief interaction with the trailer owner's spouse, underscoring the importance of proper training and certification in this industry.

The Art of Offering Options

While providing an in-person estimate, which is not my usual practice, I realized the immense value of presenting customers with options. This approach is not about high-pressure sales; it’s about understanding the customer’s needs and offering additional, valuable services they might not have considered.

Spotting Upsell Opportunities

At the job site, several upselling opportunities were apparent. From driveway and sidewalk cleaning to rust stain removal, each additional service presented a chance to enhance the customer's experience and increase the job's value. Offering these services is not just about earning more; it's about providing comprehensive solutions to your clients.

Making the Most of Quote IQ

Using the Quote IQ system, I included these services in the estimate. The key here is to offer prices that are fair for both the client and your business. By doing so, customers are more likely to choose additional services, recognizing the value they bring.

Building Trust Through Value

Providing options helps in establishing trust and credibility. For instance, offering to clean a small patio at no extra charge adds perceived value to your service. This gesture can lead to more referrals, positive reviews, and repeat business.

The Psychology of Pricing

Understanding your customer's expectations is crucial. If a customer expects to pay a higher amount than your quote, they are more inclined to opt for additional services, seeing them as valuable add-ons within their budget.

Conclusion: Maximizing Every Job

By effectively identifying and presenting upselling opportunities, you can significantly increase your revenue per job. Remember, it's about offering value to the customer, not just pushing for a higher sale. To learn more about upselling strategies and our quoting system, check out the link in the comments for a special discount on our 'How to Wash' course.

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