Oxidation No More: Revolutionizing Surface Restoration with Oxnox


Breaking New Ground in Oxidation Removal with Oxnox

For those in the surface restoration business aiming for the big bucks, meet your new ally: Oxnox. The removal of oxidation and chalkiness has historically been a daunting task, primarily due to its electrostatic nature. Previously, professionals had to rely on high pressure, brushes, and mediocre chemicals, often resulting in incomplete removal and unsightly marks. But not anymore.

The Revolution of Brushless Cleaning

The game-changer is here – Oxnox, a brushless oxidation removal chemical. This innovation is not just about removing oxidation; it's about doing it with ease, without the need for brushes or high-pressure methods that risk damaging surfaces.

Oxnox in Action

In this demonstration, we tackle a metal roof that, over time, turned from green to a gold color due to oxidation. The process is simple yet effective: wet the surface, apply Oxnox, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and rinse off. This method is equally effective on vinyl siding, offering a restoration solution without the need for callbacks or extensive physical labor.

A Note for Painters and Washers

While painters might not worry about the underlying paint since they'll repaint anyway, for washers aiming to restore rather than remove, Oxnox is a boon. It’s crucial to inform homeowners if the paint has failed, as Oxnox isn't a miracle worker for deteriorated paint. However, for paint that's still good, Oxnox can restore its original glory.

The How-To Wash Course

For those new to the industry or looking to upskill, we've got something special for you. Our comprehensive "How to Wash" course covers everything from house washing to commercial property cleaning. It’s a complete guide to becoming the most efficient and profitable washing business in your market.

Oxnox: Making Big Bucks a Reality

With Oxnox, making big money in surface restoration is finally within reach, and without the risks associated with ladders and brushes. It's time to leave the Stone Age methods behind and embrace the future of surface restoration.


If you're ready to transform your approach to surface restoration and want to see Oxnox in action, grab a case from Witness the magic unfold on your projects and join the ranks of those redefining the industry.

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