How To Trick Your Customers Into Saying Yes


In this video, I'm going to reveal a secret selling strategy that I discovered a few months back when I went to buy a smoothie. I noticed it again recently when I visited Starbucks. This strategy is brilliant because it shifts the customer's focus from price to results. If you struggle with price-conscious customers, this strategy will help you reframe your offer and close more sales. Stick around until the end for a bonus tip that's a little scary for most people but will help you close way more customers.

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The Smoothie King Secret

A few months back, I went to my favorite smoothie place, Smoothie King, and noticed that when I placed my order, the employee would always say, "Drive around to get your total." As someone who loves selling, marketing, and the psychology of sales, I found this fascinating. Why wouldn't they just tell me the price at the sign?

The gold is in understanding the buying process. At which stage is the customer most eager for the product? Right before they get it. When someone is in high anticipation of their reward, they're less concerned about the cost. They're focused on getting their smoothie, so the price becomes less relevant.

Applying the Strategy

We can use this strategy in our businesses by shifting the customer's focus from price to results and delaying the price discussion until as late in the sales process as possible. For example, in a pressure washing business, you should emphasize the benefits of the service—how clean it will make their property look and feel. One effective method is doing a test spot. Show them a clean spot on their driveway they can't ignore.

Another approach is showing before and after pictures and explaining the cleaning process, although seeing it on their own property is more impactful.

Bonus Tip: The In-Person Close

To drastically improve your closing rate, use the in-person close. It's easier for people to say no over the phone or through text. In-person interactions make it harder for them to reject your offer. Presenting the price face-to-face will increase your chances of closing the sale and securing higher dollar amounts.

If you implement these tactics, you'll see a significant improvement in the number of customers you close and the revenue you generate.


Comment down below with "smoothie" if you've made it this far! I'm Justin from Forever Self Employed. Check out Quote IQ and the How to Wash course. Until next time, hustle hard and get that money, baby!

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By adopting these sales strategies, you can transform your business approach, closing more deals and impressing your clients with top-notch results. Happy selling!

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