Best Monument Cleaner this side of Heaven.


Hey everyone, happy July 1st! As we dive into the dog days of summer, I wanted to stop by the cemetery today and share something really cool with you. About 11 months ago, we did a demonstration here with one of my favorite chemicals from our lineup, Monu-Mental. This cleaner is incredible for monuments, tombstones, government buildings—anywhere you can’t use bleach.

A Year-Long Test

Last year, we cleaned the statue of Jesus and the woman at the well, plus a patio flagstone area, with Monu-Mental. I’m thrilled to report that even a year later, everything still looks amazing! I hope the wind isn’t messing with the mic too much, but seriously, the results speak for themselves.

I'll try to find a still shot of what Jesus looked like before we started and put it up on the screen. But trust me, he looks almost brand new now. This cemetery is old—my great-grandad, a World War II and Korea vet, is buried here. They were stoked when we cleaned it because it had never been done before and was completely black.

How We Did It

Monu-Mental is super easy to use and foolproof. We started by coating everything down with Monu-Mental using a pump-up sprayer on day one. We came back on day five to apply a second coat, although one coat might have been enough for horizontal surfaces since they stay wet longer.

Check out our video (linked below) to see the progression from day one, day five, and then day ten when we finished up. The results were stunning then and still are now, a year later. We also cleaned another statue way over there of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and it still looks great too.

Why Monu-Mental?

Monu-Mental is a great chemical to have in your arsenal because it delivers excellent results on surfaces where bleach is not recommended. Sensitive stones and delicate surfaces respond beautifully to Monu-Mental, making it an essential tool for any cleaning professional.

Quick Update

Before I head back to the air-conditioned truck, I want to remind you that our plant is closed for the week of the 4th and the week of Christmas every year. If you visit the shop, the gate will be locked, and nobody will be there. You can still place orders on our website, but expect a couple of days' delay as our team enjoys a well-deserved break.

Stay Cool and Happy Fourth!

I hope you’re all staying cool, enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers. Keep an eye out for jobs and projects where Monu-Mental can make a difference. Whether it's statues, tombstones, or other sensitive surfaces, this cleaner is your go-to solution.

Have a great week and a happy Fourth of July! We’ll see you in the next video.


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By incorporating Monu-Mental into your cleaning toolkit, you ensure outstanding results for monuments and sensitive surfaces without the risk of damage from bleach. Happy cleaning!

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