Is A Mini-Skid Worth It?


Hey there, pressure washing enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of pressure washing with a candid interview featuring Keith Wilson and his team from Southeast Softwash. Join us as we explore their journey, equipment choices, and valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs in the pressure washing industry.

Meet the Crew

As the interview kicks off, we're introduced to Keith Wilson and his team, who are based about an hour north of the interview location. Keith, accompanied by Logan, shares his experiences with Southeast Softwash, highlighting their frequent visits to the area to stock up on bleach and discussing their seamless business relationship.

Honest Feedback

When asked about their experience with Southeast Softwash, Keith doesn't hold back. He rates their experience a solid 10 out of 10, praising their professionalism and problem-solving skills. Despite encountering a minor battery issue initially, Southeast Softwash promptly resolved the issue, earning Keith's trust and satisfaction.

The Mini Skid Pro Experience

Transitioning to equipment talk, Keith reflects on their journey with the Mini Skid Pro, a pivotal tool in their pressure washing arsenal. Despite initial reservations, Keith admits that the Mini Skid Pro has exceeded their expectations, making their work more efficient and profitable. With its versatility and performance, the Mini Skid Pro has become an indispensable asset in their business operations.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Delving deeper into equipment choices, Keith shares valuable insights for those contemplating their pressure washing setup. While praising the practicality of an in-bed setup, he acknowledges the allure of a trailer system for more extensive commercial projects. However, with the success of their current setup, Keith and his team find themselves torn between sticking with the Mini Skid Pro or upgrading to a trailer system in the future.

From Weekend Warriors to Full-Time Entrepreneurs

Reflecting on their journey, Keith emphasizes the transformative power of pressure washing. What once felt like hard work now feels like a rewarding endeavor, with Keith likening it to "cheating" due to its enjoyable nature. As they outgrow their current setup and contemplate future expansions, Keith and his team stand as a testament to the possibilities within the pressure washing industry.

Final Thoughts

As the interview draws to a close, Keith and his team bid farewell, ready to embark on their next adventure back to Birmingham. With a shared passion for pressure washing and a drive for success, Southeast Softwash epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship in the industry. Their journey serves as inspiration for aspiring pressure washing enthusiasts, highlighting the importance of equipment choices, professionalism, and perseverance in achieving success.

And there you have it, folks! Join us on the soft wash revolution journey as we continue to explore the exciting world of pressure washing. Until next time, keep those nozzles spraying and those surfaces gleaming!

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