Is A Mini-Skid Worth It?


Hey everyone! We're starting a new series where we chat with some of our awesome customers. Today's guest stars Keith Wilson, a local contractor who's been crushing it with our Mini Skid.

Local Legend, Big Results:

Keith and his crew are based about an hour north of us, but they make the trek down frequently to keep their Mini Skid topped up with bleach. They were kind enough to answer a few questions while they were getting loaded up.

So, Keith, how would you rate your experience with us so far? Be honest!

Keith didn't hesitate: "10 out of 10! Sure, we had a minor battery issue at the beginning, but your [website] tutorials helped us fix it right away. That little hiccup aside, this Mini Skid is a money maker!"

Making Money, Working Less

Keith explained how they've been "working half the time they used to" while bringing in more dough. They love the convenience – it almost feels like cheating! Sure, there's still some physical effort involved (especially on a hot day), but it's a far cry from breaking your back digging ditches.

Mini Skid vs Trailer System: Picking the Perfect Match

We also chatted about skid vs. trailer systems. Keith loves the in-bed setup of the Mini Skid for its versatility and ease of use. They can take it anywhere and tackle a wider range of jobs. However, they're also considering a trailer system for future commercial projects that require a more heavy-duty setup.

The Verdict: A Money-Making Machine!

Overall, Keith is a huge fan of the Mini Skid. He recommends it for anyone looking to transition from weekend warrior to full-time soft washing pro. They've made a ton of money with this little beast, and it's been a perfect springboard for their growing business.

Thanks, Keith!

A big thanks to Keith for taking the time to chat! We appreciate your honest feedback and success story. Now get out there and keep on soft washing!

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