My Secret Weapon On Commercial Cleanings


Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the Lean and Mean Academy, the hub where we explore the world of big profits in the cleaning business. Today, we're diving into a cleaning mission at a local shop, dealing with algae, concrete, and stubborn oil stains. Stay tuned for some fantastic transformations and practical tips!

Setting the Stage:

The mission begins with the speaker expressing the intention to clean the shop, highlighting the presence of algae on the sides and the need for some concrete and oil spot cleaning. As always, the team at Lean and Mean Academy emphasizes the importance of starting your cleaning business on the right foot, offering a link to their recommended How to Wash Course for comprehensive training.

The Cleaning Arsenal: Dynamite Degreaser:

The weapon of choice for today's cleaning adventure is the Dynamite Degreaser from Southeast Softwash. Described as mean as hell, this hazmat-shipped solution is not your ordinary cleaner from the local store. It's a powerful degreaser perfect for tackling challenging tasks like oil spot removal and deep cleaning.

Algae Removal:

The first phase involves tackling algae on the sides of the shop. Metal surfaces, as demonstrated, generally clean up easily, especially when dealing with light algae. The before-and-after shots showcase the effectiveness of the cleaning process, setting the stage for the more challenging task ahead.

Deep-set Oil Stains:

Moving on to the deep-set oil stains, the speaker introduces Coty Yarbrough's Dynamite Degreaser. Emphasizing its potency, the speaker warns that it's not your average cleaner and recommends using it wisely. The goal is not perfection in removing deep oil stains but rather lifting and fading them to enhance the overall appearance.

Pro Tips for Success:

A pro tip emerges as the speaker agitates the degreaser on the oil spots. Cautioning against spot treating with a downstreamer, the speaker advises against attempting to whiten doors after all organics have been cleaned off. It's a crucial lesson to avoid turning a simple cleaning job into a restoration project.

Concrete Cleaning:

The final phase involves cleaning the concrete, showcasing the dramatic difference in the appearance of the oil-stained areas. While acknowledging that complete removal of oil stains may not be possible, the speaker is pleased with the fading achieved, making the area look significantly better.

Conclusion: A Job Well Done:

In conclusion, the cleaning mission at the shop proves to be a success. The Dynamite Degreaser lives up to its name, and the team at Lean and Mean Academy demonstrates not only the effectiveness of their chosen products but also the importance of strategic cleaning approaches.

Final Thoughts:

As we wrap up another day's work, the Dynamite Degreaser stands out as a powerful tool in the cleaning arsenal. If you enjoyed the content and want more cleaning tips and transformations, don't forget to hit the thumbs up, subscribe, and ring that notification bell. Stay tuned for more exciting cleaning adventures at Lean and Mean Academy. Until next time, keep it clean!

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