Conquering Vinyl Oxidation with Ox-Knox


Hello, everyone! It's Cody from Southeast Softwash, and today I'm tackling a familiar challenge - a highly oxidized vinyl shutter. After a live video sparked some debate about our method, I'm here to set the record straight and demonstrate the process step-by-step.

Understanding the Challenge of Oxidation

Dealing with oxidation, especially on surfaces like vinyl, is tricky. It's one of the most sensitive tasks in pressure washing and soft washing. Various factors, like temperature changes, inadequate dwell time, and the propensity to rush the job, can significantly impact the outcome.

Debunking Myths with a Hands-On Demonstration

Critics from my previous live video suggested I didn't dilute the cleaning solution correctly. To address this, I'm using a standard spray bottle and diluting our Ox Knox Out solution approximately 4 to 1, which should be ideal for this shutter. This green vinyl shutter, plagued by severe oxidation, is a prime candidate for this demonstration.

The Process: Patience and Precision

The key to success here is dwell time. I sprayed the lower panel of the shutter and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. It's crucial to keep the solution wet during this time, especially on hotter days where reapplication might be necessary. A quick rub with my finger revealed that the oxidation was already starting to lift.

Rinsing: The Final Step

After allowing adequate time for the solution to work, I used a ball valve attached to a mini skid with a 5-gallon tank for rinsing. This step required a bit of pressure, but it was crucial to not let the solution dry on the surface.

Results and Reflections

The results were clear – the treated area showed significant improvement. This experiment proved that the 4:1 dilution works just as effectively as applying the solution undiluted. It wasn't the product but the application technique that made the difference.

Introducing the "Shutter of Shame"

I've decided to keep half of this shutter untreated and mount it in our training room, dubbing it the "Shutter of Shame." It'll serve as a visual reminder and challenge for those who struggle to understand the nuances of oxidation removal.

Conclusion: It's All About Technique

This exercise was more than just cleaning a shutter; it was about demonstrating the right technique and debunking myths. Oxidation removal is a skill that requires understanding, patience, and proper application. Remember, it's not always about the chemical; sometimes, it's about how you use it.

For those keen on perfecting their technique and exploring the best chemicals in the game, check out the links below and join us in our next video for more insights and tips.

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