Can We Softwash This Brick Wall?


Good morning, everyone! It's a bright Friday, the 14th of April, and I'm here with Southeast Softwash, ready to take on a small yet satisfying project. I've been eyeing the wall of a chicken restaurant in a Walmart parking lot in Roanoke for about two years, and today, I've decided to tackle it.

The Challenge: Why is One Wall Dirtier?

The wall was heavily affected by organic growth, particularly on one side. Why? It's all about moisture. One side had a roof sloping towards the wall, providing a consistent drip of water – the perfect breeding ground for algae and moss. In contrast, the other side was just a plain brick wall, less affected due to limited direct water contact.

The Solution: Soft Washing with a Strong Mix

Given the intensity of the growth, downstreaming wasn't going to cut it. My plan? A soft wash with a 5% solution, possibly needing a couple of coats. This was a great opportunity to experiment and see how effectively this concentration could tackle the thick, black algae and various other organic matters.

The Application: Early Morning Operation

I fired up the Gen 2 soft wash system on my truck, aiming for a 6% mix with added soap for better adhesion. At around 6:30 AM, with mild traffic and few people around, it was the perfect time to start. I switched to a fan tip for controlled application and minimal runoff.

Observing the Results: A Remarkable Transformation

After spraying a generous coat and ensuring the mossy areas were well soaked, I let the solution work its magic. About 35-40 minutes later, the difference was night and day – approximately 90% cleaner! The moss had turned white, indicating it was dead and ready to be rinsed off.

Reflections and Insights

This experience was an excellent example of how versatile cleaning methods can be. While pressure washing might have been another solution, the soft wash approach provided a more thorough clean. It's all about using the right tools effectively. Whether it's soft washing, pressure washing, or a combination, having the right equipment makes all the difference in efficiency.


Today's task was a great demonstration of the importance of understanding your cleaning needs and choosing the appropriate method. This wall at the chicken restaurant is just one example of the many types of jobs you might encounter in a typical day. I hope this story inspires and educates those in the cleaning industry about the power of soft washing and the right use of tools and solutions.

Have a fantastic Friday, and keep transforming spaces with your skills!

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