Roof Washing - Should You Rinse?


In the world of pressure washing, few topics spark as much debate as the post-soft wash protocol for roofs. Today, Mike tackles this contentious issue head-on, providing insights, expert advice, and practical tips to help you navigate the decision-making process.

Understanding the Chemistry of Roof Cleaning: Before delving into post-soft wash practices, it's crucial to understand the chemistry behind roof cleaning. Sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient in roof wash mixes, initiates a chemical reaction upon contact with organic matter on the roof. Mike explains this process and its implications for rinsing.

Factors Influencing the Decision: Several factors come into play when deciding whether to rinse a roof after soft washing. Location, the condition of the roof, and customer expectations are key considerations. Mike emphasizes the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations to foster repeat business.

Customer Communication Tips: Transparent communication with customers is paramount in the pressure washing industry. Mike provides practical advice on setting clear expectations regarding post-soft wash outcomes and offering reassurance regarding potential issues.

Why Rinsing Matters: While soft washing effectively eliminates organic matter, rinsing enhances the overall appearance of the job and reduces the risk of damage to building components. Mike advocates for rinsing as a standard practice, regardless of location or climate.

Explore SESW Softwash 101 Training Video: For comprehensive guidance on pressure washing techniques, including roof cleaning, Mike recommends SESW Softwash 101 Training Video. This invaluable resource covers equipment setup, chemical mixing, and surface-specific cleaning methods, ensuring you have the knowledge to excel in the industry.

Conclusion: Whether to rinse a roof after soft washing remains a subject of debate, but informed decision-making is key. By understanding the chemistry, considering relevant factors, and communicating effectively with customers, you can ensure successful post-soft wash outcomes.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of post-soft wash roof care. For more in-depth insights and expert guidance, be sure to check out SESW Softwash 101 Training Video. Remember, whether you choose to rinse or not, prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional results is always the goal.

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