The Best Gutter Cleaning Chemical!


Hello everyone, Coty here from Southeast Softwash. Today, we're excited to bring you another demo of one of our top chemical products – Gutter Guard. This product is specifically formulated to tackle the challenging task of removing tiger striping from gutters, a common issue faced by both part-time and full-time industry professionals.

Understanding Tiger Striping:

Tiger striping refers to the vertical lines that often appear on the face of gutters. These are not a result of organic growth but rather a byproduct of rainwater spilling over the gutter's edge. This is especially prevalent in homes with steep-pitched or metal roofs, where water flows more rapidly, causing these unsightly stripes over time.

Introducing Gutter Guard:

Gutter Guard is our solution to this pervasive issue. It's an easy-to-apply chemical that promises a significant visual enhancement to any property. Offering gutter cleaning as an additional service in your cleaning packages can be both profitable and rewarding. The national average for this service is approximately $1.00 to $1.50 per linear foot, potentially adding a couple of hundred dollars to each job.

Application Process:

  1. Pre-Wetting: Start by wetting the gutter. In our demo, we used our 12-volt system set to water, avoiding the need for external water sources. It's best to work in manageable sections of about 20-30 feet.

  2. Chemical Application: Gutter Guard can be diluted 50/50, but for severe cases, using it undiluted is effective. However, caution is key to prevent paint etching. Application can be done using a pump-up sprayer or a spray bottle.

  3. Temperature Considerations: This chemical is less effective in cold temperatures. If it's below 45 degrees, wait for a warmer part of the day.

  4. Brush Selection: Use a soft bristle brush for application. These brushes are ideal for full contact with the gutter's face. For hardy plank surfaces, apply the chemical directly to the brush to minimize overspray.

  5. Procedure: After pre-wetting the gutters, apply Gutter Guard and gently scrub with your soft bristle brush. This process quickly lifts the tiger stripes, leaving the gutters looking new.

In our demonstration, we showcased the dramatic results Gutter Guard can achieve. We recommend this as a standard offering in your cleaning services, especially for high-end packages or as an a la carte option. It's a simple addition that can significantly boost your job's value and customer satisfaction.

We hope this guide helps you in your gutter cleaning ventures. For more information and tips on pressure washing and using our products effectively, don’t forget to check out our other content. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. See you in our next video!

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