The Best Upsells For Pressure Washing Businesses


Elevating Profits in Pressure Washing: Three Key Upsells

Welcome back to Lean Mean Academy, your hub for one truck, big profits! Today, we're focusing on three upsells that can significantly enhance your pressure washing business's revenue per job. Before we dive in, remember to check out the "How to Wash" course for comprehensive guidance on cleaning techniques, chemical mixing, and more. It's available in the comments and description below.

1. Rust Stain Removal: A High-Value Upsell

Rust stain removal is a fantastic opportunity for upselling, particularly in areas with wrought iron furniture or rusty fixtures. Cody from Southeast Softwash offers a product called 'Rust Remedy,' which simplifies the process. Just apply, wipe, rinse, and watch those unsightly stains disappear. This service alone can add hundreds to your revenue, given its ease of implementation and high demand.

2. Roof Cleaning: The Logical Next Step

Roof cleaning is a natural upsell when you're already booked for a house wash. It's an easy pitch: you're on-site, have the necessary equipment, and the roof's issues are often visible and concerning to the homeowner. Roof cleaning jobs can range from $500 to $2,000 – a substantial addition to your daily earnings.

3. Driveway Cleaning: A Recurring Revenue Stream

Lastly, driveway cleaning is a staple in the pressure washing industry. While seemingly straightforward, it requires precise pressure settings and the right equipment to avoid damaging the concrete. Driveway cleaning not only pays well but also has the potential for recurring business, as driveways need regular maintenance to prevent algae and mildew buildup.

Implementing These Upsells

Remember, these upsells should be offered judiciously and only when genuinely needed by the client. Rust removal, roof cleaning, and driveway cleaning can significantly boost your average job ticket, enhancing your business profitability.

Pro Tip: Be strategic in your approach, ensure you're equipped with the right knowledge and tools, and don't forget to leverage the 'How to Wash' course for expert advice on executing these services flawlessly.

Enjoyed this blog? Stay tuned for more insights on boosting your pressure washing business, and don't forget to check out the 'How to Wash' course for comprehensive training. See you next time!

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