This ONE TOOL Will Save You Time And Money 💰💰 (Pressure Washing)


Welcome back to the channel! Today, we’re diving into the installation and functionality of the Smart Stream Remote Downstream Injector Box from Southeast Softwash. Cody sent over this impressive device, and we’re excited to install it on my buddy Ben Wilson’s rig. Ben is familiar with these types of boxes but made the switch to Smart Stream for its superior range, audible feedback, and other appealing features developed by the Skunk Team.

Installation Steps

  1. Mount the Smart Stream: Secure the device to a stable area, such as wood or aluminum, ensuring it’s firmly in place.
  2. Connect the Injector: The middle line should connect to your downstream injector system.
  3. Hook Up the Power: Connect the power and check the voltage meter to ensure proper battery function. Then, turn on the system.
  4. Attach the Lines:
    • Middle line to the bleach tank.
    • Right line to the water source.

Note: The water line serves to flush the injector continuously, significantly extending its lifespan.

Testing the Range

After installation, we parked the rig and tested the range by driving up a hilly road in Nashville. The signal remained strong up to 1.7 miles, even with obstructions. Although such a range may seem excessive, it ensures excellent connectivity, which is crucial for large cleaning projects like apartment complexes. The remote's audible feedback means you don’t have to visually check if the chemical is on or off, enhancing operational convenience.

Practical Benefits

The Smart Stream's extensive range and reliable connectivity are particularly beneficial for:

  • Large Complexes: Reach different sections of a building without needing to move the rig.
  • Obstructed Areas: Maintain signal through buildings and other barriers.
  • Convenient Operation: Control your cleaning process without repeatedly returning to the truck.

These features reduce the physical effort required, allowing you to manage chemical flow efficiently, whether you’re right next to a house or working in vast areas like parking garages.


The Smart Stream Remote Downstream Injector Box from Southeast Softwash is a game-changer for pressure washing professionals. Its impressive range, continuous injector flush, and audible feedback make it an invaluable tool for enhancing efficiency and reducing physical strain. Ready to upgrade your pressure washing game? Head over to Southeast Softwash and grab your Smart Stream today!

Stay tuned for more reviews and installations to help you take your pressure washing business to the next level!

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