Top 5 Things Pressure Washers HATE to Hear!


What is going on, guys? It's Saturday, and we're out here trying to do some lawn care and clean up around the house. We've got a heavy pollen season in Alabama. It's bad, isn't it, Micah? We're back here behind the shop, and it's bad. While cleaning off the back porch and trying to get all that pollen off, I thought about something important.

I've been meaning to do this video for a while: the top five things that pressure washers—us professional guys out there cleaning every day trying to make a living—absolutely hate to hear. This is my list, and if you have different ones, drop them in the comments below. I'd love to see what you hate to hear.

1. "Let's Wait Until the Pollen Falls"

Springtime is our busy season, just like for pretty much everybody. You'll go out, give a quote, and hear this: "We want to do it, but we want to wait until the pollen falls." Man, I hate to hear that! In Alabama, tons of pollen fall in the spring, and it doesn't all fall in one weekend; it takes a third of the year. Waiting for it to fall before cleaning is impractical because it just keeps coming. You can rinse off pollen with a garden hose, so there's no need to put off a professional wash.

2. "I've Got a Guy That Can Do It Cheaper"

This one is frustrating. If you have a cheaper guy, why aren't you calling him? Often, these cheaper guys are out of business because they were too cheap. We offer competitive pricing based on market standards. If you're calling us, it's because you want quality work, and quality comes at a price.

3. "You Guys Don’t Use Bleach, Do You?"

Yes, we use bleach—it's an industry standard. Bleach is essential for effective cleaning, but we know what we’re doing. Misuse by cheaper, less experienced cleaners has given bleach a bad reputation. We use it correctly to avoid damaging your property.

4. "Can You Clean This While You’re Here?"

It's frustrating when customers ask for extra services on the spot, expecting them for free. You wouldn’t ask a mechanic to throw in a new transmission for free while fixing your brakes. We value our time and services, and while we might do something small to keep you happy, expecting free additional services is unreasonable.

5. "The Check is in the Mail"

Chasing payments is a major headache. We prefer to get paid at the time of service, but sometimes we have to wait for payment. When customers say, "The check is in the mail," it often means more delays. Timely payments help us maintain our operations smoothly.

Improve Your Business with Professional Training

If you're looking to up your game and handle these challenges better, I highly recommend taking the SESW Softwash 101 class. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about soft washing, from the basics to advanced techniques. It's a must for anyone serious about professional cleaning.


These are the top five things we hate to hear as pressure washers. Despite these challenges, we strive to provide the best service possible. If you’re in the cleaning business, keep pushing through, stay professional, and handle these situations with grace. And don't forget to check out SESW Softwash 101 to elevate your skills and improve your business.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! We sent out a bunch of equipment yesterday and we're rolling hot this season. Keep washing, and we’ll see you later!

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