Transforming Surfaces: A Day with Ox-Knox


Hey, everyone! Coty here from Southeast Softwash, coming to you from a sunny day at Eastern Shore Ace. Today, we're showcasing one of our favorite products: Ox-Knox. Join us as we conduct a live demonstration and witness firsthand the transformative power of Ox-Knox.

Setting the Scene

Nestled somewhere between Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Gulf Shores, we find ourselves at Eastern Shore Ace on a mission to tackle some oxidized surfaces. With the sun shining bright, it's the perfect day to put Ox-Knox to the test.

Meet the Team

Before we dive into the action, let's meet the crew. From knowledgeable youngsters like our 13-year-old helper to seasoned pros like Dan, we've got a team ready to tackle any challenge. Plus, we've got some eager customers on hand, curious to see Ox-Knox in action.

The OxNox Advantage

Ox-Knox isn't just your average cleaning solution—it's a game-changer. Whether you're dealing with oxidized paint, weathered siding, or faded surfaces, Ox-Knox is the solution you've been searching for. And today, we're putting it to the test on an oxidized building facade.

Live Demonstration

With a simple pump sprayer in hand, we apply Ox-Knox to a small section of the building. As the solution works its magic, we can already see the oxidation breaking down before our eyes. And with a quick rinse using our prototype super pump, the results speak for themselves—no camera tricks, just pure restoration power.

The Verdict

In just a matter of minutes, Ox-Knox has transformed the oxidized surface into its former glory. The contrast between treated and untreated areas is stark, leaving us with a restored surface ready for whatever comes next.


As we wrap up our demonstration, one thing is clear: Ox-Knox delivers on its promise of unparalleled restoration. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a DIY enthusiast, Ox-Knox belongs in your arsenal of exterior cleaning solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the Ox-Knox advantage for yourself and elevate your exterior restoration projects to new heights. Head over to Southeast Softwash or your nearest Ace Hardware to get your hands on Ox-Knox today.

See you on the next adventure!

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