The Strategic Rise of Andrew Clegg in the Pressure Washing Industry

Written by: Aaron Parker



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From washing cars in high school to blasting his way through the pressure washing industry, discover Andrew Clegg's journey of grit, growth, and gallons of success. 

"You need to pick up the phone. That's the first thing. The money is in the phone. So many people say, 'Man, you're the only one that I can get on the phone. No one would call me back.' That's the darndest thing." - Andrew Clegg

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Andrew Clegg, an ambitious 18-year-old, stepped into the pressure washing business with a clear vision and a robust plan. His choice of equipment, the GEN 2 AlumiMax Pro from Southeast Softwash, was a calculated decision aimed at setting a high standard in service quality and efficiency.

Challenges Encountered:

Andrew's entry into the competitive pressure washing market was not without its challenges. As a young entrepreneur, establishing credibility and trust with potential clients was paramount. He needed to demonstrate not only his capability but also the superior performance and reliability of his services, leveraging the capabilities of the GEN 2 AlumiMax Pro.

"When prospects see the rig on the truck; so funny, people stop haggling you on price"

Sweetwater Softwash

The Pressure Washing Skid

The decision to invest $22,000 in the GEN 2 AlumiMax Pro was significant, especially for someone just starting out. This investment was driven by Andrew's belief in the importance of quality equipment in delivering exceptional service and setting his business apart from the competition.

Solution and Impact:

The GEN 2 AlumiMax Pro proved to be a game-changer for Andrew. It enabled him to efficiently handle a broader range of projects, improve service quality, and significantly enhance his business's professional image. This strategic investment facilitated rapid growth, expanding his client base and increasing the scale of projects he could undertake.


Andrew Clegg's story is a compelling example of how a well-thought-out investment in high-quality equipment can catalyze business growth and success in the pressure washing industry. Within just six months, Andrew's initial investment yielded an astonishing ROI of 681.82%, a testament to his strategic foresight and the performance of the GEN 2 AlumiMax Pro. His journey illustrates the impact of combining youthful ambition with the right tools and a clear vision, offering valuable insights for other young entrepreneurs aiming to make their mark.