Batch Buster: The World’s First Softwash Metering Valve


The Journey to Innovation:

Coty and Aaron reflect on their journey, highlighting the challenges they faced in finding suitable equipment for their needs. From struggling with availability to realizing the limitations of repurposed industrial valves, they saw an opportunity to create something truly groundbreaking.

The Birth of Batch Buster:

The Batch Buster Valve is not just a solution to a problem; it's a testament to years of experience and dedication to the craft. Designed to meet the unique requirements of soft washing, it represents a significant step forward for the industry.

Key Features:

  • Modularity: The Batch Buster Valve is designed to grow with the user, offering interchangeable couplers for different pump sizes.

  • High-Flow Design: With a one-inch body and proprietary V-cut ball, the valve maximizes flow rates for optimal performance.

  • Tech-Friendly Dial: The valve's intuitive dial makes it easy to adjust bleach ratios on the fly, ensuring precise control over chemical mixtures.

  • Built-In Safety Features: Unlike traditional valves, the Batch Buster includes a bolted-in disc to prevent accidental removal, ensuring consistent performance.

Testing and Validation:

Before bringing the Batch Buster to market, Coty and Aarron subjected it to rigorous testing, running it continuously with straight twelve percent bleach for over a hundred thousand gallons. The results spoke for themselves, confirming the valve's durability and reliability.

Wholesale Opportunities:

Recognizing the need for accessible equipment within the industry, Yarbrough and Ayrault are making the Batch Buster Valve available for wholesale purchase. Interested parties can reach out to them directly to inquire about bulk orders.


With the launch of the Batch Buster Valve, Cody Yarbrough and Aaron Ayrault are not just introducing a new product—they're ushering in a new era of innovation in soft washing. By addressing long-standing challenges and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, they're empowering professionals to work smarter, not harder.


As the soft washing industry continues to evolve, products like the Batch Buster Valve serve as a reminder of the power of innovation. With its groundbreaking features and industry-leading performance, it's poised to become the new standard for professionals worldwide. To learn more about the Batch Buster Valve and how it can transform your soft washing workflow, visit today.

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