Can We Clean RED CLAY????


Tackling the Tough: Red Clay Stains and Pressure Washing

Hello, pressure washing enthusiasts! Today, on March 15th, we're back in the field, sharing insights on a common yet challenging task in our industry - removing red clay stains. We recently completed a basic housewash for a client (who interestingly crafted our safety manual), but they've encountered an all-too-familiar issue: persistent red clay stains.

The Value of A La Carte Services

First things first, it's crucial for your business model to include a la carte or upgraded packages. Don't undervalue your service by including all these extras for free. We're here to demonstrate the removal of red clay stains, which is an additional service offered beyond the basic house wash.

Introducing 'Mud Mayday'

For tackling red clay stains, we're using 'Mud Mayday', a product specifically formulated for this purpose. In areas like Alabama and Georgia, where we predominantly operate, red clay stains are a prevalent issue for many homeowners. Let's delve into how 'Mud Mayday' performs against these stubborn stains.

The Process in Action

Right by the door of our client's house, we applied 'Mud Mayday' to a section of the driveway stained with red clay. You'll notice the difference where the product was applied - the concrete looks significantly cleaner compared to untreated areas. Despite attempting to clean an untreated section with a pressure washer, the stain persisted, showcasing the necessity of a specialized chemical like 'Mud Mayday'.

Application and Results

We applied 'Mud Mayday' across the entire stained area in front of the garage door. Depending on the severity of the stain, you can use it full strength or dilute it (sometimes 50/50). After about 10-15 minutes of dwell time, we pressure washed it off. The results were astounding, especially visible in the corner where the red clay peeled right off the porous concrete surface.

Conclusion: The Efficiency of 'Mud Mayday'

The before and after of using 'Mud Mayday' are remarkable. While we normally use a surface cleaner for a uniform finish, the wand was used in this instance for demonstration purposes. This product is not only ideal for post-construction cleanup but also for any job facing red clay stains.

To all our Southeast friends struggling with red clay, drop a comment below and share your experiences. And remember, for your growing business, check out the safety manual and full chemical lineup available on our website (links below). Here's to efficient cleaning and satisfied customers!

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