How To Remove Efflorescence & Calcite From Brick and Block


Efflorescence & Calcite: A Pressure Washing Challenge

Welcome back to the Leaning Academy! Today, we're tackling a common yet challenging issue in pressure washing - the removal of efflorescence and calcite. Thanks to Cody Yarborough at Southeast Softwash, we have the opportunity to test out his new product, 'E Flow Go', specifically designed for this purpose.

Understanding Efflorescence vs. Calcite

Before diving into the removal process, it's crucial to understand the difference between efflorescence and calcite. Both are salt and calcium deposits that emerge from mortar, brick, and block surfaces, but they present differently:

  • Efflorescence: Appears as a white, chalky haze. It's tricky because it vanishes when wet, only to reappear as the surface dries.
  • Calcite: Remains visible even after being wet and is much tougher, requiring a potent chemical for effective removal.

'E Flow Go' in Action

In this video, we put 'E Flow Go' to the test on some robust efflorescence and calcite deposits. Here's how it went:

  1. Application: We applied the product to the affected areas. Almost immediately, we observed it bubbling up, indicating its effectiveness in breaking down the stubborn deposits.
  2. Observation: Keeping the surface wet, we applied a second coat, especially focusing on the severely affected spots. This continuous application ensures the chemical works thoroughly.
  3. Results: After treating the surface, we awaited the results. The moment of truth was upon us – will 'E Flow Go' live up to its promise?

Starting Your Pressure Washing Journey

Intrigued by this process and want to dive deeper into the world of pressure washing? Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, understanding the equipment, chemical mixtures, and techniques for different surfaces is crucial.

Learn with "How to Wash" Course

We've got you covered with the "How to Wash" course, designed to teach you everything from equipment handling to mixing chemicals, cleaning various surfaces, property protection, and much more. Find the link to this comprehensive course in the first link in the comment section and the description.

Conclusion: Efflorescence and calcite can be a headache for many in the pressure washing industry. But with products like 'E Flow Go' and the right knowledge, these challenges can be tackled effectively. If you're looking to broaden your skill set or even start your pressure washing business, learning about these chemicals and techniques is a step in the right direction. Join us in the "How to Wash" course for a deeper dive!

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