Controversial Pressure Washing Chemical (Do You Really Need It?)


Hey, folks! Justin here from Forever Self-Employed, and today, we're delving into a hot topic in the pressure washing world: plant protect. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind this controversial chemical and discover whether it's a must-have for your business.

Understanding Plant Protect: First off, what exactly is plant protect, and why is it causing a stir among pressure washers? In simple terms, plant protect, also known as bleach neutralizer, is used to safeguard vegetation from the potentially harmful effects of bleach during pressure washing. But here's the catch—is it really necessary for every job?

The Truth About Plant Protect: In our informative video, Coty breaks down the truth about plant protect and when it's actually essential. While some chemical companies may push it as a must-have for every job, Cody shares his honest perspective. He emphasizes that in many cases, simply keeping the vegetation wet with water is sufficient to prevent damage. Dilution is often the solution, and excessive use of plant protect may be unnecessary and costly.

When to Use Plant Protect: So, when should you consider using plant protect? Cody advises using it sparingly, especially for sensitive plants like Japanese maples, rose bushes, or hydrangeas. While it's wise to keep a bottle on hand for such scenarios, it's not something you should feel obligated to use on every job. Instead, trust your instincts and assess the situation to determine whether plant protect is truly needed.

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Final Thoughts: In the world of pressure washing, knowledge is power, and understanding the nuances of chemicals like plant protect can make all the difference. By staying informed and discerning when to use such products, you can protect vegetation effectively without overspending on unnecessary chemicals. So, arm yourself with knowledge, and let's make every pressure washing job a success!

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