Tall Reach Tip vs JRod | Shooter Tip For Pressure Washing


In the world of soft washing, the quest for efficiency and effectiveness is never-ending. Recently, I had the pleasure of testing out the latest shooter tip from Southeast Softwash, a product that's been creating quite a buzz for its quality and performance. As someone always on the lookout for tools that can enhance my work, I was eager to see how this new shooter tip would stack up against my current equipment. Here's a detailed account of my experience.

The Setup

The shooter tip in question arrived with high expectations, boasting a well-milled, high-quality build that immediately caught my eye. To put it to the test, I decided to conduct a practical comparison: shooting down the street with my current tip and then with the new Southeast Softwash shooter tip, using my 8 gallon per minute setup. This method would allow me to directly compare the distance each tip could achieve, providing a clear measure of their performance.

The Test

After setting up my equipment and the necessary markers (cones for measurement), I commenced the test. The initial round with my current tip set the benchmark. It was a performance I was familiar with, but I was curious to see how much further the Southeast Softwash tip could push the boundaries.

Switching to the new shooter tip, the difference was apparent almost immediately. The water jet propelled further down the street, surpassing the cone that marked my current tip's reach. It was an exciting moment that showcased the potential of the new tip.

The Results

Upon measuring the distance achieved by the Southeast Softwash shooter tip, I was astounded to find it reached a whopping 70 feet—significantly farther than my previous setup. This increase in distance not only speaks volumes about the quality and efficiency of the tip but also translates to better coverage and reduced time on the job for professionals like myself.


The field test of the Southeast Softwash shooter tip was a resounding success. Its superior performance, characterized by the extended reach, underscores the importance of investing in quality equipment. For any soft washing professional looking to enhance their toolkit and efficiency, I wholeheartedly recommend getting your hands on this shooter tip. It's a small change that can make a big difference in your work.

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