Dont Start A Pressure Washing Business In The South (here's why)


Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! Today, I’m diving into a thought-provoking question from a YouTube comment: Do companies do better in the north or the Southeast? While I don't recommend uprooting your life based on this discussion, understanding regional differences is crucial for any aspiring entrepreneur.

In this video, I'll break down why both the north and south of the USA are great places to start a pressure washing business. The idea is to encourage action and smart investing, regardless of where you're from. Remember, the Local Domination course has launched thousands into this industry, and we've recently revamped it with Local Domination 2, focusing on landing big jobs and effective marketing.

Let's first look at why the north might be a better starting point. The harsh winters result in significant salt buildup, creating a steady demand for cleaning services in spring and summer. The northern states also tend to be denser in population, with residents generally more accustomed to spending on services, including those for property maintenance.

However, the south shouldn't be discounted. Its year-round warm climate leads to more algae growth, necessitating frequent cleaning. In densely populated southern cities like Birmingham, Miami, and Baton Rouge, the combination of rainfall, humidity, and urban setting creates lucrative opportunities for pressure washing businesses.

No matter the region, there’s always dirt and grime to clean. Whether it’s the salt-laden concrete in the north or the algae-infested buildings in the humid south, opportunities abound. The key is to find people willing to pay for luxury services like pressure washing.

In conclusion, both the north and south offer unique advantages for starting a pressure washing business. While the north benefits from seasonal demand and higher spending habits, the south provides year-round business opportunities due to its climate and urban settings. Ultimately, success in this industry comes down to understanding your local market and offering services that meet regional needs.

Don’t forget to check out the Local Domination course for comprehensive training in the industry. And remember, wherever you are, it’s time to get started on your entrepreneurial journey. Let’s go!

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