Effortlessly Remove Red Clay Stains


Hey guys, welcome back to Southeast Softwash! Today, we’ve been out in the field tackling some challenging jobs. We just finished a basic house wash behind us, which was a breeze – we were in and out in less than an hour. But today, we're diving into something a bit more stubborn: red clay stains.

Why Offer Upgraded Packages?

Before we get into the details of removing red clay stains, we want to emphasize the importance of offering upgraded packages in your business. The basic house wash is great, but additional services like stain removal should be part of an a la carte upgrade. Don’t offer extra services for free; upsell them to boost your profits.

Introducing Mud May-Day

The house we're working on today belongs to a good friend who also created our safety manual, which is essential if you're hiring and growing your business. Check it out on our website if you're interested. Now, back to our main task: tackling those red clay stains on the driveway with our product, Mud May-Day.

Mud May-Day is specifically formulated for red clay stains, which are a common issue in our region – we operate on the Alabama-Georgia border, where red clay is abundant.

The Challenge of Red Clay Stains

Red clay stains can be particularly stubborn. Efflorescence and calcite may give you a tough time, but red clay is on another level. Here’s a quick overview of our process:

  1. Initial Assessment: We first identify the severity of the red clay stains. Some areas are heavily stained, particularly near the garage door.
  2. Application of Mud May-Day: Depending on the stain's severity, we might use Mud May-Day full strength or dilute it. Today, we’re going full strength for maximum impact.
  3. Dwell Time: Let the chemical sit for about 10-15 minutes to penetrate the stains. This dwell time is crucial for the chemical to work effectively.
  4. Pressure Washing: After the dwell time, we pressure wash the treated areas. Normally, we’d use a surface cleaner for uniform results, but for this demonstration, we’re using a wand for better video footage.

Demonstration and Results

Check out the before and after shots to see Mud May-Day in action. The difference is remarkable – it’s clear that without a specialized chemical like Mud May-Day, pressure washing alone isn’t enough to remove red clay stains. The chemical makes the job significantly easier and more effective.

Why Use Mud May-Day?

Mud May-Day is ideal for:

  • Post-construction cleanup: Red clay stains are common on new construction sites.
  • Residential cleaning: Any job involving stubborn red clay stains.
  • Commercial applications: Large areas with significant staining.

For those of you living in the Southeast, you know the struggle with red clay. Drop a comment below if you can relate!


Using the right products and techniques is crucial for running a successful pressure washing business. Mud May-Day has proven to be an invaluable tool for us at Southeast Softwash, helping us deliver excellent results and keeping our customers happy.

If you’re looking to enhance your cleaning services, consider adding products like Mud May-Day to your arsenal. And remember, always offer upgraded packages to maximize your profits.

Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep hustling and making those driveways spotless!

Call to Action: For more tips and products to boost your pressure washing business, visit our website and check out our safety manual and full range of chemicals. Don't forget to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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