How Much Bleach Does It Take To Clean Concrete?


Hey everyone, welcome back! Today, we're diving into a practical demonstration on how different SH (sodium hypochlorite) ratios impact the cleaning of dirty concrete. We'll be working on a neighborhood sidewalk for an HOA, showcasing the effectiveness of various SH concentrations. Plus, we'll introduce you to an essential product: Southeast Softwash Cherry "Southern Slang" Surfactant. This bleach additive is a game-changer for softwash applications, including roof cleaning, house washing, and concrete treatment.

Mixing SH Ratios

For this demo, we'll mix SH at 1.5%, 3%, and 5% concentrations. This dirty concrete is loaded with organic buildup, perfect for showcasing how bleach kills organics.

Batch Mixing Steps:

  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with 10% SH.
  2. Use spray bottles to mix solutions for our demo, simulating larger-scale applications.

Application Methods

  • Downstream Injector: Limited in strength but easy to use.
  • X-Jet: Allows for stronger applications with proportioners.
  • Dedicated Softwash Pump: Offers the highest flexibility in achieving desired ratios.

We'll use batch mixing for this demonstration, using a mix calculator in Quote IQ to achieve our target percentages.


We sprayed the concrete with each mixture and let them dwell. Here's what we observed:

1.5% Solution:

  • Lightened the concrete but left some organics.

3% Solution:

  • Did a better job, removing most organics.

5% Solution:

  • Almost completely clean, showcasing the power of higher SH concentration.

10% Straight Solution:

  • Immediate, powerful results but risks potential damage to surroundings.

Importance of Pre- and Post-Treatment

Effective cleaning involves more than just surface cleaning. Pre-treatments and post-treatments can prevent the uneven, unprofessional results seen when only using a surface cleaner. Proper treatment ensures long-lasting cleanliness and avoids organic regrowth.


Understanding how to mix SH correctly is crucial for efficient and effective cleaning. Using Southeast Softwash Cherry "Southern Slang" Surfactant can enhance your cleaning process. This bleach additive is ideal for various applications and is easy to mix. For those batch mixing, use 1-2 oz per gallon of SH as a general formula. If using a blend manifold, follow the jug instructions and adjust accordingly.

For more tips on pre-treatments, post-treatments, and effective cleaning, check out the "How to Wash" course. It's the top-selling training for pressure washing and soft washing, offering over six hours of in-depth training from industry experts.

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