How to remove Oxidation on a Metal Roof (No Brushing Needed)


Introducing Oxnox: The New Restoration Hero

Greetings from Coty at Southeast Softwash! We're excited to announce the arrival of Oxnox in our chemical arsenal. This new product is making waves in restoration circles, thanks to its versatile and potent oxidation removal capabilities. Demand is high, so bear with us if it's temporarily out of stock - more is on the way!

Oxnox: Powerful, But Not a Miracle Worker

It's important to set realistic expectations with Oxnox. While it's excellent at tackling oxidation, it's not a fix-all solution. For instance, on surfaces where paint has deteriorated, like my father-in-law's oxidized truck shop, Oxnox can improve appearance but can't revive the underlying paint.

Oxnox Across Different Surfaces

Oxnox demonstrates its versatility on a range of surfaces:

  • Metal Roofs and Siding: Especially effective on corrugated metal in commercial settings.
  • Vinyl Siding: Easy and safe application, with impressive results and no risk of damage.
  • Painted Surfaces: The outcome on painted Hardy plank varies with the paint condition. Oxnox excellently removes oxidation, enhancing the underlying paint's look.

Best Practices for Applying Oxnox

I prefer using a 50/50 mix in a pump-up sprayer for tough oxidation cases. Our demonstration on a discolored green metal roof exemplifies Oxnox's restorative power. The comparison with plant-protected areas highlights its effectiveness.

Oxnox in Real-Time Restoration

Our hands-on demonstration shows Oxnox restoring a metal roof's original green color. While there's a slight impact on the paint, the overall aesthetic improvement is undeniable, provided the paint is still in decent shape.

Pricing and the Value of Oxnox

For substantial restoration projects, our rates start at $2500, reflecting the significant value Oxnox brings in reviving roofs close to their original state.

Wrapping Up: Oxnox Availability

Oxnox stands out in the oxidation removal market. It's not a magical solution, but it's among the best for such challenges. Check out the links below for more details and availability.

Stay tuned for our next round of insights and professional advice!

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