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Unveiling Wood Wizard: A New Era in Wood Restoration

Hi everyone, Cody here from Southeast Softwash. In the heart of December 2023, I'm thrilled to showcase a breakthrough in wood restoration - Wood Wizard. This recently stocked sodium metasilicate-based liquid cleaner is a game-changer for fences, decks, and even cedar houses.

Witnessing Wood Wizard's Effectiveness

Our commitment to quality means thoroughly testing new products. A month ago, we applied Wood Wizard to a section of a local bank's fence and left it untreated. The results over time were remarkable - the fence section cleaned up beautifully without any damage to the wood.

Real-Life Demonstrations and Results

We're not just about claims; we show real results. Another section of the fence, treated around the Fourth of July, demonstrates the stark difference Wood Wizard makes. It's crucial to see how wood looks when dry, as that's the true indicator of a product's effectiveness.

Application Insights

Using our trusty Milwaukee pump-up sprayer, we mixed Wood Wizard following a four-to-one ratio as recommended on the jug. It's important to note that while you can adjust the dilution, don't over-dilute and then question the product's effectiveness.

Demonstrating Wood Wizard on a Fence

For our demo, we chose a section of the untreated fence. After a thorough application and a 20-minute dwell time, we used a white tip on a pressure washer for rinsing. This approach ensures a uniform clean without damaging the wood fibers.

The Surprising Power of Wood Wizard

Even a low-pressure rinse with a 12-volt system showed impressive cleaning results, highlighting Wood Wizard's potency. For a thorough clean, however, a bit more pressure is needed, which we demonstrated with the pressure washer.

Concluding Thoughts

The comparison between treated and untreated sections of the fence is stark. Wood Wizard stands out as an excellent, safe choice for cleaning various wood surfaces without risking damage.

Get Wood Wizard Today

For those in the wood restoration business or tackling personal projects, Wood Wizard is an indispensable tool. Check out the links below to get your hands on this fantastic product.

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