Stucco Cleaning Secrets Revealed


Hey there, fellow cleaning enthusiasts! It's Southeast Softwash here, and we're thrilled to have you join us on another exciting adventure. Today, on Saturday, June 28th, we're rolling up our sleeves and diving into the world of commercial building cleaning.

Setting the Scene

Our journey begins at the shop, where we're gearing up for the day's task. We're headed across town to tackle a once-popular fried chicken restaurant that sadly closed its doors three or four years ago. Despite its closure, the building still stands, albeit covered in unsightly organic growth.

Equipped for Success

With one of our trusty tandem axle trailers loaded and ready to go, we hit the road prepared for the challenge ahead. Our arsenal includes bleach, water, and our pride and joy: Southern Drawl, a versatile surfactant that enhances cleaning efficiency like no other.

Arriving at the Scene

As we arrive at the commercial building, we're greeted by a facade marred by thick layers of organic growth. But fear not, for we're here to restore its former glory. Before diving into the cleaning process, we take stock of the surroundings, mindful of potential hazards like electrical components.

Understanding the Challenge

Examining the building closely, we observe how the organic growth thrives on the stucco surface, particularly on the lower portions. The absence of gutters exacerbates the issue, as rainwater splashes up onto the building, providing the perfect breeding ground for organic growth.

Introducing SESW Graffiti DefeatII

Before diving into the cleaning process, we introduce our secret weapon: SESW Graffiti DefeatII. Specifically formulated for stucco surfaces, this powerful cleaner penetrates deep into the pores, breaking down even the toughest organic buildup with ease.

The Cleaning Process Unfolds

With our equipment and cleaning solution at the ready, we dive into the task at hand. Using our soft wash system, we apply the cleaning solution methodically, ensuring thorough coverage of the stucco surface. Multiple coats are necessary to tackle the stubborn organic growth effectively.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout the cleaning process, we encounter challenges typical of cleaning porous surfaces like stucco. The intricate nooks and crannies provide ample hiding spots for organic growth, necessitating extra attention and additional coats of cleaning solution.

Achieving Success

Despite the challenges, our efforts yield remarkable results. With each pass of the cleaning solution, the stucco begins to reveal its true colors, shedding years of accumulated grime and organic buildup.

Wrapping Up

As the job nears completion, we reflect on the day's accomplishments. With the building's stucco facade now restored to its former glory, we pack up our equipment and head back home, leaving behind a cleaner, more vibrant facade.


Joining us on this cleaning journey has provided valuable insights into the intricacies of restoring commercial buildings plagued by organic growth. With the right equipment, cleaning solutions, and techniques, even the toughest cleaning challenges can be overcome.

Before we sign off, we highly recommend using SESW Graffiti DefeatII for stucco cleaning. Its unparalleled effectiveness and ease of use make it a must-have for any cleaning arsenal.

Thank you for accompanying us on this adventure! Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of soft washing with Southeast Softwash. Until next time, happy cleaning!

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