The Best Chemicals For Pressure Washing (Complete Guide)


If you've ever ventured into the world of pressure washing, you know that it's not just about blasting away dirt and grime with water alone. The real magic happens when you introduce the right chemicals into the mix. In today's post, we'll delve into a comprehensive guide on the top pressure washing chemicals you need to know about, how to acquire them, and strategies for pricing your services.

1. Bleach: The Industry Standard

Bleach is the lifeblood of any pressure washing business. It's your go-to solution for organic removal, tackling mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, and more. Coty emphasizes the importance of bleach for soft washing, allowing you to clean surfaces effectively without relying solely on high pressure.

Key Takeaway: Bleach is a must-have for organic cleaning and is readily available at hardware stores or industrial chemical vendors.

2. Surfactant: Enhancing Cleaning Efficiency

Surfactants might not be mandatory, but they're highly recommended for optimizing cleaning solutions. They make the mixture stickier, increasing dwell time and reducing the need for reapplication. Using surfactants ultimately saves money by maximizing the effectiveness of your cleaning solution.

Key Takeaway: Invest in quality surfactants to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce overall costs.

3. Degreasers: Conquering Stubborn Grease

When it comes to degreasing, Dynamite Degreaser reigns supreme. It's essential for tackling food grease, gas station spills, and oil stains on driveways or commercial surfaces. Degreasing jobs offer lucrative opportunities for upselling and can significantly boost your bottom line.

Key Takeaway: Dynamite Degreaser is a game-changer for removing stubborn grease stains and expanding your service offerings.

4. Wood Wizard: Restoring Wood Surfaces

Wood Wizard, a sodium metasilicate-based wood cleaner, is a recent addition to the pressure washing arsenal. It's specifically formulated to rejuvenate wood surfaces without causing damage, offering a cost-effective alternative to costly re-staining or re-painting.

Key Takeaway: Wood Wizard simplifies wood restoration, making it a lucrative upsell for residential and commercial clients.

5. Ox-Knockout: Reviving Oxidized Surfaces

Ox-Knox is like magic in a bottle for oxidation removal. Whether it's metal roofs, vinyl siding, or painted surfaces, Ox-Knockout effortlessly restores the original appearance without the need for intensive scrubbing or high-pressure washing.

Key Takeaway: Ox-Knox opens up new opportunities for oxidation restoration, providing substantial savings compared to traditional repainting or refinishing.

Bonus: Additional Products and Resources

Aside from the five essential chemicals discussed, Coty mentions other products like Mud Mayday for red clay removal and Monumental for stone surface cleaning. These products, along with resources like mixing calculators and industry-specific vendors, are invaluable assets for any pressure washing business.

Key Takeaway: Explore additional products and resources to enhance your service offerings and streamline your operations.

In conclusion, mastering pressure washing chemicals is key to running a successful business in the industry. By understanding the properties of each chemical, knowing where to source them, and pricing your services accordingly, you can set yourself apart and achieve outstanding results for your clients. So, arm yourself with the right chemicals, hone your skills, and watch your pressure washing business thrive.

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