The Future of Cleaning: A Day with the SESW SUPER PUMP


What’s Up, Everyone? We’re Live!

Hey, folks! Welcome back to the channel. Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes as we tackle some projects and give you a peek into our latest developments. Let's jump right in!

Backyard Beginnings

We’re out here monitoring the fire because it's been pretty dry lately, and we definitely don’t want any accidents. As you can see, the backyard is pretty barren—no grass, just dirt. We had to dig everything up to redo the septic system right after moving in. Now, we’re in the process of redoing the entire backyard. Maybe some of it will stay green; fingers crossed!

The Defender Upgrade

Let’s talk about the Defender. I’ve been driving it around a bit, and soon it's heading to Atlanta for an LS swap with an LS3 motor. The current V8 Land Rover engine just doesn’t cut it, especially with these tires. It’s fun but underpowered. Once the swap is done, it’ll be a beast on the road!

Setting Up the Skid Platform

Check out our setup: a 24-volt lithium single-bank system with a 35-gallon water tank. We’ve mocked up a simple but effective skid platform that fits perfectly in the back of the Defender. This is mainly for spraying things around and testing out our new systems.

Shipping Updates and Product Development

We shipped 12 more Super Pumps last week, adding to the 65 we’ve already sent out. These Sweet 16s have been a game-changer. We’re also working on the Super Eights, which are in the final development stages. We're anticipating these to be ready by the end of the summer.

Real-Time Testing

Now, let’s test this Super Pump. Even at half power, it’s pretty impressive. We can easily reach three stories, and at full power, we’re hitting five stories without any issues. This is a testament to the power and efficiency of our pumps.

Addressing Customer Concerns

I know there’s been some confusion about the speed control delay—it’s completely normal. The electronic systems take about half a second to engage. Not everything is a problem, even if it feels like one!

Maintenance Tips

Remember, taking care of your equipment is crucial. Regular rinsing and preventive maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your pump. We test every unit before shipping, but proper setup and care are key to ensuring optimal performance.

Community and Feedback

Shout out to everyone who’s been part of this journey, especially those who've provided valuable feedback. Your insights help us improve and innovate continually.

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