The Softwash Super Pump’s Game-Changing Debut


Unleashing the Power of the Super Pump in Birmingham, Alabama

Hello, YouTube family! It's September 26th, a bright Monday, and I'm here in Birmingham, Alabama, to bring you an exclusive look at the Super Pump in action. This isn't just another cleaning system; it's a revolution in commercial and residential cleaning.

Bridging the Gap Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning

We've all seen soft wash systems tailored for residential use, but the Super Pump shatters those boundaries. It's designed to excel in residential settings and tackle demanding commercial jobs effortlessly. The best part? It achieves this without the usual trade-offs of high maintenance and operational costs.

A Mobile, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Powerhouse

What sets the Super Pump apart is its eco-friendly, electric design. I got a taste of its mobility with my truck's onboard charging system, making it fully mobile and eliminating the need for constant recharging at the shop. This is a system that says goodbye to gas and oil changes.

The Ultimate Test: A Five-Story Hotel

Our challenge today? A five-story Hampton Inn. These are the kinds of buildings you find in every town – but can we clean them from the ground without a lift? That's what we're here to find out.

Soft Wash 101: Learn from the Best

Before diving deeper, let me point you to my Soft Wash 101 virtual classroom and the full-length How to Wash class. With over two decades of experience, these resources are packed with knowledge for those looking to make money in both residential and commercial cleaning.

Putting the Super Pump to the Test

So, can the Super Pump reach the fifth story? Spoiler alert: yes, and with ease. We're not just hitting the fifth floor; we're overshooting it. This level of power and reach, in a quiet, electric system, is nothing short of revolutionary.


The Super Pump isn't just a new product; it's a new era in cleaning. For those interested in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both residential and commercial cleaning, stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to check out the links below for my Soft Wash 101 and How to Wash courses.

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