Tackling Tough Graffiti with a Potent Solution

Hey everyone, welcome back to Lean Mean Academy! Today, we're back on a graffiti-laden job site. Stumbling upon this graffiti-covered spot, I knew it was time for a serious clean-up. Enter's graffiti remover – a solution so potent, it's categorized as a hazmat chemical.

The Power of Professional-Grade Chemicals

This isn't your average cleaning solution. Its professional-grade potency means you can use less while achieving more. On my last graffiti project, I used about half a gallon, which cost around $30 to $40. Considering the job netted $500, the investment was well worth it.

Shortening the Learning Curve in Pressure Washing

For those eager to dive into pressure washing, understanding how to effectively use such powerful chemicals is crucial. From cleaning roofs and siding to mastering the mix of various cleaning agents, our "How to Wash" course, featuring Mike Vedan, Justin Rogers, Coty Yarbrough, and myself, offers a wealth of knowledge. The course has garnered rave reviews and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to fast-track their pressure washing skills.

Putting the Graffiti Remover to the Test

On the job, we applied the graffiti remover and allowed it to dwell for a solid 10 minutes. While I'm usually impatient, giving the chemical time to work its magic is key. Then, it was time to blast it away with high pressure, using a green tip on the pressure washer.

Results That Speak for Themselves

The outcome? Graffiti defeated! The entire tag was removed, though a few minor spots needed some touching up. This new formula, enhanced for greater potency by our chemists, proved its worth, making it a reliable addition to any professional cleaning arsenal.


If you're in the pressure washing business or dealing with stubborn graffiti,'s graffiti remover is a game-changer. Click the link in the description to learn more about this powerful product. And a big shoutout to Cody for his fantastic work in developing this solution!

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