Super-PUMP vs A 5 Story Hotel.


What's going on, YouTube family! I’m here in Birmingham, Alabama, to bring you some exciting footage of the Super Pump in action. Today, we’re testing it out on a commercial job to show you just what it's capable of.

Bridging the Gap Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Soft wash systems have traditionally been geared towards residential work, which is fantastic since it makes up the bulk of what many of us do. But imagine a system that’s not only a powerhouse for residential jobs but also excels in handling large commercial tasks. That’s exactly what we’re testing today.

The Super Pump: Efficiency and Reliability

The Super Pump is designed to be an absolute killer on residential tasks without compromising on commercial jobs. The beauty of this system lies in its low maintenance, quiet operation, and electric power. It eliminates the need for gas, oil changes, and frequent maintenance checks. Here’s a highlight: I’ve converted my truck into a fully mobile work truck. Thanks to Ford’s onboard charging system, I can charge the Super Pump while driving, making it incredibly convenient.

Real-World Test: A Five-Story Hampton Inn

To truly put the Super Pump to the test, we're taking on a five-story Hampton Inn. Think about all the hotels like Fairfield Inns and Hampton Inns you see in every town. Can we clean them from the ground without needing a lift? That’s what we’re about to find out.

Join Our Soft Wash 101 Virtual Classroom

Before we dive deeper into today’s project, I encourage you to check out the first link below. It’ll take you to my Soft Wash 101 virtual classroom. This course is a comprehensive, two-hour-long session packed with over 20 years of industry knowledge, including insights from my dad’s extensive experience.

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Super Pump in Action: Can It Hit Five Stories?

Let’s see how the Super Pump performs. Can it handle one story? Absolutely, no problem. How about four stories? Easy. And now, the ultimate test—five stories. We’re effortlessly shooting over the building!


The Super Pump proves to be a game-changer for both residential and commercial cleaning. It’s efficient, reliable, and eliminates the hassle of frequent maintenance. If you’re serious about taking your cleaning business to the next level, consider investing in this powerful system. And don’t forget to join our Soft Wash 101 virtual class and How to Wash course to gain invaluable knowledge and skills.

Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials. Let’s keep those buildings spotless!

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