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A Day in Franklin, Tennessee: Pool Deck Cleaning & Sealing

Welcome back to the channel! Today, we're taking you behind the scenes as we tackle a pool deck cleaning and sealing project in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee. Join us as we share our expert tips and techniques for achieving a pristine finish.

Exploring the Pool Deck

As we arrive at our destination, we're greeted by a stunning pool deck featuring brushed concrete and fire rock—a unique combination that adds character to this luxurious home. Our mission? To clean and seal these surfaces to perfection.

[Video Clip: Introduction to the pool deck]

Unlocking the Secrets of Pool Deck Cleaning

Before diving into the cleaning process, we take a moment to share some insights with our viewers. For those considering starting a pressure washing business, we recommend checking out the "How to Wash" course for comprehensive training on equipment, chemical mixing, surface cleaning, and more.

[Video Clip: Introduction to the "How to Wash" course]

Identifying Surface Imperfections

Inspecting the pool deck, we notice some discoloration and algae growth—a common issue in humid climates like Tennessee. To address these imperfections, we'll need to use the right cleaning solutions and techniques.

[Video Clip: Close-up of surface imperfections]

Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution

For tough stains and algae, we recommend using an acid-based cleaner. While it may not remove every trace, it significantly lightens the discoloration and prepares the surface for sealing.

[Video Clip: Applying the cleaning solution]

Introducing Super Seal: The Ultimate Protector

Before applying the sealant, we introduce our secret weapon: Super Seal from Southeast Softwash. This water-based siloxane repellent is specially designed for sealing brick, block, concrete, stucco, pavers, and other masonry surfaces.

[Video Clip: Introduction to Super Seal]

Benefits of Super Seal:

  • Combats freeze and thaw cycles
  • Restricts moisture and limits dirt accumulation
  • Retards organic growth
  • Resistant to salt and de-icing chemicals
  • Reduces efflorescence

Easy Application, Long-Lasting Protection

Super Seal is a single-step, ready-to-use product that dries flat and clear for minimal visibility. It offers long-lasting protection with deep penetration and can last for years depending on foot traffic and environmental factors.

[Video Clip: Demonstrating Super Seal application]

Directions for Use

Thoroughly clean the surface before application and ensure it is dry for optimal penetration. Protect glass from overspray during application, and apply in temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Super Seal can be applied via a high volume, low-pressure sprayer, pump-up sprayer, roller, or brush.

Concrete's New Best Friend

Concrete's porous nature makes it susceptible to damage from moisture, chemicals, and wear, compromising its longevity and appearance. But with Super Seal from Southeast Softwash, concrete gets the protection it deserves. Designed to penetrate deeply and protect thoroughly, it's the superhero your concrete needs.

Conclusion: Mastering Pool Deck Cleaning & Sealing

And there you have it—our journey to Franklin, Tennessee, complete with valuable insights and expert tips on pool deck cleaning and sealing. We hope you enjoyed this adventure and learned something new along the way. Until next time, happy cleaning!

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