Sweet16 & Super8 Softwash Pumps, Running on a Built out Skid.


Hey, what's up, guys? Coty here from Southeast Softwash. We're out here in the rain, showing off some serious pump power with our Super 8 and Sweet 16 models. It's a wet Thursday, June 20-something, but we're braving the weather to bring you this exciting comparison.

We've been getting a ton of views on our Super 8 pump videos, and one comment keeps popping up: "Yeah, but how does it spray through a hose reel?" Well, today, we're answering that question once and for all.

Equipment Setup:

  • Sweet 16 Pump: 24V, 16 GPM, 18-inch reel with 3/4 inch hose.
  • Super 8 Pump: Smaller but mighty, 12-inch reel with 5/8 inch hose.
  • Both Powered by: A high-end lithium battery.
  • Rig Configuration: Gen 2 with an 8 GPM on a Coer engine.

We'll be running these pumps on a house as our test target. First up is the Sweet 16, shooting easily over the roof despite the rain. Next, the Super 8 impresses just as much, proving its capabilities even with a slightly smaller setup.

Performance Highlights:

  • Sweet 16: Capable of reaching four to five stories high.
  • Super 8: Handles two stories plus roofline effortlessly.

Both pumps perform exceptionally well through hose reels, dispelling any doubts about their effectiveness.

Final Thoughts: Despite the weather and challenging filming conditions, both the Sweet 16 and Super 8 delivered outstanding results. They work perfectly through hose reels and are ready for your toughest jobs.

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Stay tuned for more videos and updates. See you next time!

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